Featured Summer Programs

Summer time means great library programs! The programs below are sure to keep things entertaining all summer long.

See the Events Calendar for a complete listing of events.


Harvey Rabbit and Friends

Join Harvey Rabbit, Cecil the Orangutan, Miss Laura, and Mr. Tim as they bring fun and mayhem to the library with ventriloquism, puppetry, music, magic, and comedy! It just wouldn’t be summer without this gang’s energy and entertainment!

Tuesday, May 31 - 10amMain Library @ Goodwood
Wednesday, June 1 - 10amGreenwell Springs Regional Branch
Wednesday, June 1 - 2:30pmCentral Branch
Thursday, June 2 - 10amRiver Center Branch
Thursday, June 2 - 2:30pmDelmont Gardens Branch
Monday, June 13 - 10amBaker Branch
Monday, June 13 - 2:30pmZachary Branch
Thursday, June 16 - 10amFairwood Branch
Thursday, June 16 - 2:30pmJones Creek Regional Branch
Friday, June 17 - 10amPride-Chaneyville Branch
Monday, June 20 - 10amEden Park Branch
Monday, June 20 - 2:30pmBluebonnet Regional Branch
Monday, July 11 - 10amScotlandville Branch
Monday, July 11 - 2:30pmCarver Branch

Fins and Grins

Dive into fun with songs of the sea. Based on Johnette’s multi-award winning “Fins and Grins” recording, audiences learn about seahorses, penguins, stingrays, amphibians, and many more marine creatures. From the bayou to the ocean, we’ll have a whale of a good time! Some branches may have limited space available.

Thursday, June 9 - 10amGreenwell Springs Regional Branch
Thursday, June 9 - 2:30pmEden Park Branch
Monday, June 20 - 10amJones Creek Regional Branch
Monday, June 20 - 2:30pmFairwood Branch
Tuesday, June 21 - 10amCarver Branch
Tuesday, June 21 - 2:30pmRiver Center Branch
Monday, June 27 - 10amCentral Branch
Monday, June 27 - 2:30pmBaker Branch
Tuesday, June 28 - 10amZachary Branch
Tuesday, June 28 - 2:30pmPride-Chaneyville Branch
Wednesday, June 29 - 10amDelmont Gardens Branch
Wednesday, June 29 - 2:30pmScotlandville Branch
Thursday, June 30 - 10amMain Library @ Goodwood
Thursday, June 30 - 2:30pmBluebonnet Regional Branch

Farmer Minor & Daisy the Reading Pig

Farmer Minor tells true stories about Daisy the Pig’s formative years with Farmer and Mrs. Minor and shares many of her favorite pig books. Daisy probably has the world’s largest collection of ‘pig’ books and wants to share them with children ages 2-11 at the Library. Get ready to meet a celebrity because Daisy is the “most famous pig in the whole world!” Each program is approximately 45 minutes. Registration is required for groups. For more information and to register, call the Children’s Room at the Library location directly.

Monday, June 20 - 10amMain Library @ Goodwood
Monday, June 20 - 2:30pmDelmont Gardens Branch
Tuesday, June 21 - 10amBluebonnet Regional Branch
Tuesday, June 21 - 2:30pmFairwood Branch
Wednesday, June 22 - 10amCentral Branch
Wednesday, June 22 - 2:30pmPride-Chaneyville Branch
Thursday, June 23 - 10amCarver Branch
Thursday, June 23 - 2:30pmRiver Center Branch
Monday, June 27 - 10amBaker Branch
Monday, June 27 - 2:30pmScotlandville Branch
Tuesday, June 28 - 10amEden Park Branch
Tuesday, June 28 - 2:30pmJones Creek Regional Branch
Wednesday, June 29 - 10amGreenwell Springs Regional Branch
Wednesday, June 29 - 2:30pmZachary Branch

The Little Mermaid

We are excited to have the Little Mermaid from the Petite Princess Company splashing into our libraries this summer to celebrate the 2022 Summer Reading Program, Oceans of Possibilities. The Little Mermaid will be sharing stories with us as well as some ocean education, fun with shells and bubbles, sea creature identification, photo ops, and more! Ages 3 and up. Group registration is required.

Monday, June 6 - 2:30pmEden Park Branch
Wednesday, June 8 - 2:30pmMain Library @ Goodwood
Wednesday, June 15 - 10amRiver Center Branch
Monday, June 20 - 2:30pmPride-Chaneyville Branch
Wednesday, June 22 - 10amZachary Branch
Thursday, June 23 - 10amBaker Branch
Wednesday, July 6 - 2:30pmGreenwell Springs Regional Branch
Thursday, July 7 - 10amDelmont Gardens Branch
Friday, July 8 - 10:30amFairwood Branch
Monday, July 11 - 10:30amBluebonnet Regional Branch
Tuesday, July 12 - 10:30amScotlandville Branch
Wednesday, July 13 - 10:30amCentral Branch
Wednesday, July 13 - 2:30pmJones Creek Regional Branch
Thursday, July 14 - 2:30pmCarver Branch

Baton Rouge Youth Ballet PresentsThe Great Candyland Adventure

Join two quibbling sisters, Lolly and Polly, as they must work together to find all of Queen Frostine’s missing gumdrops. As they dance their way through Candyland, they will encounter Lady Licorice, the Duchess of Swirl, Miss Mint, Mama Ginger, and other delightful characters in this deliciously colorful, original and new Youth Ballet production with music by Richard Strauss. Recommended for ages 4 and up. Group registration is required.

Thursday, June 2 - 9:30amBluebonnet Regional Branch
Thursday, June 2 - 11:30amJones Creek Regional Branch
Thursday, June 2 - 1:30pmFairwood Branch
Monday, June 6 - 9:30amBaker Branch
Monday, June 6 - 11:30amZachary Branch
Monday, June 6 - 1:30pmCentral Branch
Monday, June 6 - 3:30pmGreenwell Springs Regional Branch
Tuesday, June 7 - 11:30amMain Library @ Goodwood
Wednesday, June 8 - 1:30pmScotlandville Branch
Wednesday, June 8 - 3:30pmDelmont Gardens Branch
Thursday, June 9 - 9:30amRiver Center Branch
Thursday, June 9 - 11:30amCarver Branch
Friday, June 10 - 9:30amMain Library @ Goodwood

Baton Rouge Astronomical society

Join the Astronomical Society for another spaced out program! They return this summer with a great presentation filled with fun, learning, and things to see and do that are out of this world! Ages 8 -11. Registration is required. To register, call the library branch directly.

Monday, June 1 - 2pmPride-Chaneyville Branch
Monday, June 13 - 2pmGreenwell Springs Regional Branch
Thursday, June 16 - 2pmBluebonnet Regional Branch

Wink Danenberg - Juggler Extraordinaire

Comedy! Entertainment! Juggling! Juggler extraordinaire, Wink Danenberg, will be here to amaze us with his talented juggling! You may even find yourself being part of the show! Wink has been entertaining children of all ages for over 20 years with his juggling and comedy. Recommended for ages 3 and up. Group registration is required.

Thursday, June 16 - 10amZachary Branch
Wednesday, July 13 - 10amBaker Branch
Friday, July 15 - 10amJones Creek Regional Branch
Thursday, July 21 - 10amMain Library @ Goodwood