Kindness Makes Us Strong

  • Author(s): Sophie Beer
  • Illustrator: Sophie Beer
  • 0-4
  • ©2019 Dial Books for Young Readers
  • Juv Boardbook Beer
What's the Story?

What is kindness? What does kindness do? What does kindness look like? If you are looking for help to explain this to younger kids, this board book is a fantastic start! With big, colorful pictures and simple sentences, it touches on small kindnesses, like “saying hello;” and bigger kindnesses like “offering comfort.” So if you want to engage your child in learning about feelings and kindness, check this book out today!

Roller Bears

  • Author(s): Eric Seltzer
  • Illustrator(s): Tome Disbury
  • Ages: 4-5
  • ©2020 Simon Spotlight
  • Call Number: Juv Primer Seltzer
What's the Story?

Do you like to roller skate? Well, then you need to meet the Roller Bears. Roller bears really love to roller skate! They wake up early and skate until night. Some roller bears get tired, so they rest in chairs. But others like things like hot air balloon rides! But what happens in winter when bears hibernate? You’ll have to read to find out, this book is just great!

I Am Mary Anning

  • Author(s): Brooke Vitale
  • Illustrator(s): Christopher Eliopoulos
  • Ages: 5-6
  • ©2021 Penguin Young Readers
  • Call Number: Juv Reader Vitale
What's the Story?

Join Xavier Riddle, Yadina, and Brad, the main characters from the PBS series Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, on another journey through time to meet the famous Paleontologist Mary Anning! Yadina loves crafting and has just finished making a paper mache dinosaur head. When Brad points out that she hasn’t finished the rest of any of her crafts. Yadina says that they take too long to finish. Xavier leads them to the Secret Museum where they travel back in time to see Mary Anning. The team follows Mary as she and her brother discover fossils. And even though it takes a very long time to find and dig up fossils, Mary teaches the trio that it feels good to finish things and the time spent is worth it in the end. Will Yadina go back to finish her dinosaur craft? You’ll have to read to find out!

I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916

  • Author(s): Lauren Tarshis
  • Illustrator(s): Haus Studio
  • Ages: 8-11
  • ©2020 Dreyfuss Tarshis Media Inc
  • Call Number: Juv Graphic I Survived
What's the Story?

I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916 is based on actual attacks that occurred along the New Jersey Coast in July of 1916. This is an interesting story because, as difficult as it may be to believe, until these attacks occurred in 1916, most people believed sharks were harmless and would not attack humans. Clear, uncluttered panels afford an easy-to-follow progression of the story. The illustrations are colorful and expressive and add to the drama. Lauren Tarshis has combined fact with an interesting story line. Chet Roscow is living with his uncle Jerry in New Jersey while his parents establish themselves in California. He has moved often in his life and is finally able to make friends while helping at this uncle’s diner. The town is filled with speculation about whether news of shark attacks are true or stories fabricated to sell newspapers. When the neighborhood boys invite Chet to swim with them in the creek, he is pleased to be part of the group. However, they use a piece of slate to mimic a shark fin to scare him, and he is not only frightened, but also embarrassed that he fell for their trick. His uncle explains that they did this because they like him and that he can pull a prank on the boys in return. Chet dreams up an imaginative hoax involving a local monster legend, but this backfires. His prank is so realistic his friends get angry with him. Chet goes swimming in the creek alone when he actually spots a shark. He escapes to find help and upon returning, realizes the boys are in the creek swimming with the shark. They do not believe they are in danger and ignore warnings that they should get out. Chet comes to the rescue of one of his friends and in so doing, puts himself in harm’s way. His heroic actions land him in the hospital with serious injuries, but he finds himself surrounded by friends and family who are anxious and relieved that he has survived. Because the book relies on illustration more than an abundance of dialog to advance the storyline, Tarshis’ dramatic and emotional tale is a good choice for a reluctant reader as well as for fans of graphic novels.

Unicorns of the Secret Stable v.7: Shadow Stallion

  • Author(s): Whitney Sanderson
  • Illustrator(s):
  • Ages: 6-8
  • ©2021 Jolly Fish Press, an imprint of North Star Editions, Inc.
  • Call Number: Juv Step-Up Sanderson
What's the Story?

Iris and Ruby are the latest in a long line daughters to take the reigns as the Unicorn Guardians at Magic Moon Stable. They still have much to learn, but with the help of the passed down Book of Unicorns, they are finding their way. Now with two new foals fully weaned and the moon at its fullest, it time for the Symbol Ceremony. This ceremony marks the passage to adulthood for the foals and each is magically marked with a symbol just below their horn. After the ceremony, Iris thinks she sees an unknown unicorn with dragon wings in the dark forest, but cannot be sure. She turns to the Book of Unicorns and read about rare unicorns who were born on a Dragon Moon, and who possess traits of dragons as well as unicorns. However, the book warns that these unicorns are to be outcasts, but Iris cannot understand why. So, she sets out into the woods to discover the truth behind the Shadow Stallion.

Operation Frog Effect

  • Author(s): Sarah Scheerger
  • Illustrator(s): Sarah Scheerger
  • Ages: 8-12
  • ©2019 Random House
  • Call Number: Juv Schreeger
What's the Story?

Have you ever thrown a small pebble into a pond and watched the ripples go across the water? Isn’t it amazing what large ripples are caused from one small pebble? Just like one act of kindness can go a long way. Well, what happens when a whole bunch of students join together and act? Find out when you read Operation Frog Effect. This story takes place mostly in a school setting. Ms. Graham is an awesome fifth grade teacher with some unusual teaching methods. The students love her and we learn this through letters, drawings, and scenes from plays that the students create. We also get to share in the ups and downs of being a fifth grader in today’s very diverse and technology driven world. The letters are so personal; you feel like you know each student as a friend. Now, these students don’t always get along. There are new friendships and some bitter completion between classroom table groups. However, when one group assignment goes terribly wrong, they must all team together to save themselves and their beloved teacher. Eight students take to heart all the lessons Ms. Graham has taught them, and through honesty and hard work, learn the value of becoming the people they want to be. Operation Frog Effect is a great story of friendship, coming of age, and how powerful young voices can be when they act together. They learn how to act with respect and use all the tools at their disposal. These eight students use literature, famous quotes, create websites, u-tube videos, and attend school board meetings to affect the change they want. It is an inspirational read – both for youth and adults.

Crayola Ocean Colors

  • Author: Mary Lindeen
  • Illustrator: Photo Editor- Rebecca Higgins
  • Ages: 6-8
  • ©2021 Lerner Publications
  • Juv 577.82 L743c
What's the Story?

Learn about the ocean as Crayola colors bring plants and animals to life just for you. This book is a part of a non-fiction series brought to us by Lerner Publishing Group, Inc. and America’s favorite crayon company, Crayola. Crayola answers the call to provide the most rich and vibrant color in the picture designs and photography used throughout the book. The words of the colors mentioned are in bold print to describe various aspects of the ocean. The writer, Mary Lindeen has the book well organized to share information with a table of contents, captions called a “Biome Fact,” other text, a glossary, a list of books and websites for additional information, and an index.

For Parents and Teachers