The Three Billy Goats Gruff

  • Author(s): Paul Galdone
  • Illustrator(s): Paul Galdone
  • Ages: 0-3
  • ©2022 Clarion Books – Harper Collins Publishers
  • Call Number: Juv BoardBk Galdone
What's the Story?

This retelling of the fairy tale is done with wonderfully colorful illustrations, making for an exciting story and a great lesson about being nice.


  • Author(s): Stephanie Calmenson
  • Illustrator(s): Baptiste Amsallem
  • Ages: 2-4
  • ©2022 Simon Spotlight – Simon & Schuster
  • Call Number: Juv Primer Calmenson, Stephanie
What's the Story?

Zak and Ziggy are trying to get across town to see the show Stomp! On their way, everything goes wrong and they are afraid they will miss the show. Can they get to the show on time? And can they stay cool with the frustration of traveling? Read and find out! This book also has a vocabulary guide and discussion questions.

Cat Vs. Vac

  • Author(s): Kaz Windness
  • Illustrator(s): Kaz Windness
  • Ages: 3-6
  • ©2023 Simon Spotlight – Simon & Schuster
  • Call Number: Juv Reader Windness, Kaz
What's the Story?

A new vacuum cleaner is delivered to the house and the pets soon realize that this means war! Follow along as dog, cat, bird, snake, & rat battle it out with the evil vacuum cleaner!


  • Author(s): Matthew Cordell
  • Illustrator(s): Matthew Cordell
  • Ages: 6-8
  • ©2023 Feiwel & Friends (Macmillan)
  • Call Number: Juv PicBk Cordell, Matthew
What's the Story?

Evergreen is a magical tale that will never fade with time. And, when you feel bad, soup is always the answer! Evergreen is a young squirrel who lives high in a tree in Buckthorn Forest. She is afraid of almost everything, but thunderstorms top the list! One morning, her mother, who makes magical soup, asks her to take an acorn full of soup to Granny Oak who is sick with the flu. At first, Evergreen says no, she is afraid to go through the forest to Granny’s house. However, she knows she must, and so off she goes. She encounters many scary adventures along the way. She grows more confident after each adventure until she no longer feels afraid. But wait; was that thunder she just heard? Readers will love watching how Evergreen squirms her way out of each encounter, and will be waiting to see how she gets through her next adventure.

Pets Rule! Kittens are Monsters

  • Author(s): Susan Tan
  • Illustrator(s): Wendy Tan Shiau Wei
  • Ages: 6-8
  • ©2023 Branches by Scholastic Inc.
  • Call Number: Juv Step-up Tan, Susan
What's the Story?

Kittens are Monsters is part of the Step-up series Pets Rule! A group of pets who live with the Chin family are roped into taking care of mischievous kittens. The cat next door is the evil nemesis trying to sabotage the pets’ plan to keep the kittens secret from the Chin family. The plot thickens as things go missing from the house. Could the kittens be taking the items? Oh, the suspense! Confident readers will enjoy this book up to about 3rd grade.

The Puppets of Spelhorst

  • Author(s): Kate DiCamillo
  • Illustrator(s): Julie Morstad
  • Ages: 8-11
  • ©2023 Candlewick Press
  • Call Number: Juv DiCamillo, Kate
What's the Story?

Once, there was a king, a wolf with sharp, sharp teeth, a girl with violet eyes, an owl, and a boy with a bow and arrows. These five were puppets and from the moment of their making, friends waiting to be part of a story. Their story begins when Spelhorst, an old sea captain, sees the puppets in a shop and purchases them on a whim. From there the puppets begin their journey in earnest, eventually ending up on a fireplace mantel in a blue room. Two little girls, Emma and Martha, are their new owners. Emma declares that she will write a play staring all five of the puppet friends… Is Emma’s play the story that the Puppets of Spelhorst have been waiting for??? You must read the story to find out… This book is the first of the Norendy Tales, a series of original fairy tales, each illustrated by a different virtuoso artist.

Be Happy a Little Book of Mindfulness

  • Author(s): Maddy Bard
  • Illustrator(s): Emma Dodd
  • Ages: 2-5
  • ©2023 Templar Books
  • Call Number: Juv 158.13 B245b
What's the Story?

Two good dog friends, Hucky and Buzz, are all set to enjoy a new day while playing together. They take time to be thankful, show each other kindness, give encouragement, and practice mindfulness by simply sitting quietly and listening to the sound of their breathing. Most importantly, Hucky and Buzz want to share with you it is okay not to feel okay and suggest you talk to someone when this happens. In the meantime, remember these paw tips from Hucky and Buzz: stay positive, keep busy, be patient, try something different, slow down or play. Hucky and Buzz want you to have your best day yet and put your best paw forward!

National Geographic Kids: Queen Elizabeth II

  • Author(s): Mary Quattlebaum
  • Illustrator(s): n/a
  • Ages: 8-11
  • ©2023 National Geographic Partners
  • Call Number: Juv Bio E43.1q
What's the Story?

Learn all about one of the most famous and longest-reigning British monarchs, from her time as a princess through the decades she ruled as queen. Did you know Queen Elizabeth loved to ride horses or that her favorite desert was chocolate cake? Did you know that growing up Princess Elizabeth had no idea that she would become a queen? National Geographic presents personal photos, details, and stories about the life of the queen who made history.

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