Title: Mouse Loves Summer

  • Author(s): Lauren Thompson
  • Illustrator(s): Buket Erdogan
  • Ages: 3-5
  • ©2018 Simon Spotlight
  • Call Number: Juv Primer Thompson, Lauren
What's the Story?

This is a pre-level one Ready-to-Read book. Mouse and big sister Minka spend a perfect summer day in the park together. They enjoy delicious picnic foods like watermelon, sandwiches and lemonade. They encounter ants and fireflies, fly a kite, lie in the grass to watch fireworks and more! This primer depicts the best parts of a summer day combining beautiful illustrations with simple text perfect for kids who are learning to read.

Title: The Greedy Python

  • Author(s): Richard Buckley
  • Illustrator(s): Eric Carle
  • Ages: 5-8
  • ©2012 Simon Spotlight
  • Call Number: Juv Reader Buckley, Richard
What's the Story?

This is a level one Ready-to Read book. The titular greedy python has an insatiable appetite. He devours all the animals he encounters from small ones like mice and frogs to a buffalo and even an elephant! Inside him the animals rebel and in the end the ravenous snake learns his lesson the hard way. Illustrated with Eric Carle’s trademark style and vibrant colors, this rhyming book for new readers is sure to delight and amuse.

Title: We Sang You Home

  • Author(s): Richard Van Camp
  • Illustrator(s): Julie Flett
  • Ages: 0-3
  • ©2016 Orca
  • Call Number: Juv BoardBk Van Camp
What's the Story?

This board book is a sweet welcome from parents to their new baby. The lyrical repetitive text is soothing and perfect for reading to babies and toddlers. The beautiful illustrations depict the love, new experiences and special moments that come with welcoming a child into the home.

Title: Sir Simon: Super Scarer

  • Author(s): Cale Atkinson
  • Illustrator(s): Cale Atkinson
  • Ages: 4-8
  • ©2018 Tundra Books
  • Call Number: Juv PicBk Atkinson, Cale
What's the Story?

Sir Simon is a professional ghost and he has a fancy business card to prove it. It reads “Sir Simon Super Scarer; the Ghostest with the Mostest. Who wouldn’t want to hire him for a spooky haunt? Well, Simon had to work pretty hard to get to his professional status. He’s haunted forests, a boat, a bus stop, and even weird things like pizza! Now, he’s ready for the big job: haunting a house. Simon is SO excited! But, houses come with big responsibilities and chores like flickering lights and creaking the stairs and standing creepily in a window wearing old timey clothes. After a few days, Simon has everything covered and just in time for his new tenants! Simon is thrilled to see one old grandma, because they sleep all the time and aren’t curious or nosy. But then, Simon meets a kid in the house as well. His name is Chester and he is the worst tenant a ghost can have because they are serious, loud, and annoying. What will Simon do? Will Chester ruin Simon’s perfect job? You’ll have to read to find out! This is such a cute and fun read for children and adults! Children will love the silly banter between Simon and Chester and parents will love the ghostly pop culture references in the illustrations!

Title: Peter & Ernesto A Tale of Two Sloths

  • Author(s): Graham Annable
  • Illustrator(s): Graham Annable
  • Ages: 6-10
  • ©2018 First Second
  • Call Number: Juv Graphic Peter
What's the Story?

Peter & Ernesto is like three books in one, a picture book, a chapter book, and a graphic novel. It tells the story of two sloths who are friends, Peter and Ernesto. Even though they are best friends, they are nothing alike. Peter loves the tree they live in and never wants to leave, while Ernesto loves the sky and wants to see it from every place on Earth. Ernesto leaves to have a grand adventure. Along the way, Ernesto meets various other animals who teach him things about the sky. A camel points out the constellations, and a fox and raccoon tell him about the Northern Lights. Meanwhile, a very distraught Peter worries about his friend’s safety and goes after him to bring him home. Other animals guide Peter along the way, and readers will cheer him on as he faces and overcomes his fears. Their exaggerated movements and expressions will help emerging readers understand the vocabulary and humor. Peter & Ernesto communicates a message that sometimes the small things in life take more courage than the big ones! A funny, touching tale readers will enjoy while looking forward to more adventures of the characters.

Title: Epic Fails The Wright Brothers: Nose-Diving Into History

  • Author(s): Erik Slader & Ben Thompson
  • Illustrator(s): Tim Foley
  • Ages: 7-10
  • ©2018 Macmillan
  • Call Number: Juv 629.13 S631w
What's the Story?

This is an interesting accounting of Orville and Wilbur Wright and their struggle to design, build and fly an aircraft. It can take a rather light-hearted approach to the brothers’ trials by using vernacular language or making humorous comments about dire situations. Because of this, it reads more like a novel than a biography. Chapter 1 covers people’s dreams and attempts to fly dating back to 500 BCE and up to 1507. The next 2 chapters bring the reader up to date on experiments with gravity and the hot air balloon. Next the book moves on to explore the brothers’ lives and their early attempts to replicate a toy helicopter made using sticks and rubber bands. From a young age, they wanted to build something that would fly. Epic Fails details the determination to rebound from failure and the resolve not to stop until a goal is met. This is the first in the Epic Fails series by these two authors.

Title: California the Golden State: It’s My State Series

  • Author(s): Anna Maria Johnson, Michael Burgan, and William McGeveran
  • Illustrator: Alex Ries
  • Ages: 9-11
  • ©2019 Cavendish Square
  • Call Number: 979.4 J66c 2019
What's the Story?

California the Golden State is one of 50 books from the It’s My State Series. This new edition has lots of great photos, appealing layouts, and up to date information. The California book opens with a snapshot of the basic facts, state flag, seal, tree, flower, animal, insect, and reptile. Large pictures add to the engaging format of the information. This is great for students doing state reports. At the bottom of this snapshot is a timeline followed by four chapters about history, people, government, and the economy. Two new features are more information about Native Americans and the illustrated “Ten Key Facts”. The key facts list interesting locations, plants, animals, cities, and events. There is a detailed state map and a map skills quiz at the back of the book. Students may find this a fun challenge and teachers could use this to make a quiz or game for their students. All in all, a quick, fun read to learn about California.

Title: What Do You Do with a Voice Like That? The Story of Extraordinary Congresswoman Barbara Jordan

  • Author: Chris Barton
  • Illustrator: Ekua Holmes
  • Ages: 4-8
  • ©2018 Beach Lane Books
  • Call Number: Juv Bio J81.3b
What's the Story?

Author, Chris Barton entitles this biography with a question, what do you do with a voice like that? The biography begins with Barbara Jordan’s early days growing up in Houston, Texas. At a young age, people took notice of Barbara’s unique voice. To cultivate her voice, she recited poetry, gave speeches, and participated in debating contests. However, she was not sure how she could use her voice until a female lawyer visited her high school. Then, Barbara became inspired, studied rigorously, and earned a law degree. After filling in for an absent speaker, Barbara decided to use her voice to help mankind through public service as an elected government official. Despite her challenges of living with multiple sclerosis, she continued her quest to help others by becoming a teacher at a university in Texas.

For Parents and Teachers