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Archives Quiz

All of the answers can be found in the Digital Archive

Question 1: The Tessier Building (located at 342, 346 and 348 Lafayette Street) was constructed in what year?

  • A) 1910
    B) 1815
    C) ca. 1885
    D) ca. 1820
  • Question 2: Which building is the oldest? (HINT! Click the image to learn more!)

  • A) ElksTheatre
    B) Hotel Heidelberg
    C) Grand Theatre
    D) Old Governor's Mansion
  • Question 3: Which band would have been part of Southern University's "Human Jukebox"? (HINT! Click the image to learn more!)

  • A) BR Band
    B) Drums
    C) Parade Video
    D) Band Performing
  • Question 4: On the 1923 Map of Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University is located:

  • A) Where it is now
    B) Near Spanish Town in Down Town Baton Rouge
    C) In Port Allen
    D) Outside of the City Limits
  • Question 5: Which person was the mayor of Baton Rouge killed in a plane crash in 1956? (HINT! Click the image to learn more!)

  • A) McKeithen
    B) OK Allen Jr
    C) Jesse Webb
    D) Dumas with Liberace
  • Question 6: Which building served as a powder magazine? (HINT! Click the image to learn more!)

  • A) Wardens Hall
    B) City Hall
    C) Garig Hall
    D) Spanish Arsenal
  • Question 7: Leland College moved to Baker, Louisiana, in what year?

  • A) 1870
    B) 1980
    C) 1923
    D) 2000